UBC want to give as many as possible chance to participate, but for giving you high quality of the courses and could work with the bands will it be a limit at total of 12 dance participants where we pick out abot 6-8 dancers who shall work with the bands. As course participants you will be very dedicated for sheering the stages with this eminent musician, dancers and performance artists.

This year we also give a PERFORMANCE course and we have have a limit about 6-8 participants and we think that this will fit for both dancer and actors who will try improvice.

To leading the dance part we have choosed out Kristin Holand from Steigen in Norway and Marlene Lamark will assist her. Kristin have worked dance improvicing at UBC musicians the start in 2012, but our coorporatin withKristin begin with the multi performance Menneskejerven. (Human-Wolverine). Extracts from Menneskejerven, by Bjørn Johnsen.

As organizer we hope that you will enjoy yourselves at the conserts and courses and with our staff that you can take a big step forward as a dancer and that we can continuing the dance part in the Camp model.

Rune Paulsen / director of UBC




During the masterclass and clinics in performance we will try to find out how to use ourselves and our bodies in an extended way. 
We will look at possibilities and different processes that make our performance more interesting with the use and help of techniques that we dare to express more - Hereby to evolve as a performer on stage/off stage, and draw inspiration and elements from theatre, performance art, movement, dance, sound and improvisation, and also look at the important x-factor on how to use our eyes.



Soon we will meet and dance together again , I can't wait for that to happen. These four days we will spend together, we will work mostly with improvisation and performance. The main theme for the festival is: "Catch the moment /Catch the mo-ve-ment" And this is exactly what we will do.

Parts of the time us dancers will work on our own without the musicians. There will be classes in improvisation technique. Here we will focus on different methods for how to create movement, how to listen and "be in" the music, the room and with our fellow dancers. And a lot of the time we will spend together with the musicians, improvising together. This means that you will have to offer a lot of yourself. You will be given the chance to split up in smaller groups and work either one, two or several dancers with one of the band constellations. I hope you are eager to spend a lot of time on stage, and having a fun time dancing to live music! You will get a lot of stage experience :)


Before we meet I want each of you to make a two minutes long choreography for yourself. This we will use in the work of improvisation and when we work on how to develop movement material. Also it will be a nice introduction for all of us to see some of your personal movements.

Bring training clothes and good dance shoes. If you have Jazz Sneakers, bring them since we might spend some time dancing on hard floor. We will do jams and performances both with costumes and training clothes.


UrBand Camp (UBC) is a jazz music festival, with both Norwegian and Russian musicians and dancers. From Norway i will bring with me a wonderful dancing girl Malene who shall assist me in the course and she was at UBC last year as a participant. You can read more about her at the course page.


I'm from the north of Norway, educated as a Contemporary dance artist at the School of New Dance in Oslo, Norway. The last eight years I have worked with dance, as a dancer, coreographer and teacher. Since I don't speak Russian, the main language at the festival will be English. At my own and UBCs homepage you can read more about me and the musicians we shall work with. Please check them out too

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Friendly Regards,
Kristin Holand / Dance Supervise instructor at UrBand Camp / e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.