Join us as audience at UBC Cach the moment concerts, or as course participants or as volunteer in a four days' gathering in Arkhangelsk at the festival
UrBand Camp "feat Barents"

with dedicated musicians, dancers, course participants and artists from several different countries

Archangelsk Musical College 

September 8th- 11th 2016



The UrBand Camp feat Barents is arranged by the Barents Voluntary Arrangement Exchange project - VAE and will be produced together with Arkhangelsk Regional Nonprofit Voluntary Organization - ARNVO. UrBand Camp will be hold at Arkhangelsk Mucical College. 

UBC is a continuation of the "The Groove Valley Jazzcamp feat Barents" project that started in 2010 with exchange of musicians from Arkhangelsk to the Jazzcamp.

Russian participants at TGV Jazzcamp in 2011 

Russian musicans and Volunteers together with Gudbjørg and Rune in the VAE team at TGV Jazzcamp in 2011
Photo: VAE/Irina


The vision and main target for UBC is to make concerts and performeces and give dance and music talents, semi-professionals and amateurs in the Russian part of the Barents region possibilities to take part in high quality courses in jazz and "rhythmic" music and dance improvising.

  • UBC hire Russian and international musician and artist as course superiors and to play in UBCs concerts and performances. In this way the course participiants have opportunity to share stages with the professional artists.
  • UBC's courses are open for international participation.
  • In UBS’s concerts and performances will there always be sections with professional musicians and artists only.
  • UBC use the Team model for voluntary work.

See also the festival program and information about artists who shall join UBC 2015.

Course model, Concert & Performances at UBC

The course model we use at UBC have been tried out and develops for several years at the Jazzcamp, but to get a good festival feeling will we cooporate with the College and Sound master or use of stage technical equipment.

In the courses we have instrumental and dance part with master classes for: vocal, bass, guitar, drums, piano, trumpet/horns saxophone/flute/ acoustic instruments and dance. From these courses we make 5 to 6 ad-hock bands or group who can play together and with the professional musicians at the UBC concert and events. The well know guitarist Hallgeir Pedersen is the main course supervisor and musical leader for UBC. He has had the same responsibility at the jazzcamp and together with the producer team has he picked out some fantastic musicians and artist who know the course model and who also can secure the high quality concert we want at UBC.

See also information for the Course program

VAE and UBC organisers

Rune Paulsen is director for UBC and project leader for VAE. He was the idée maker for the Jazzcamp, as well as a producer and leader for the Jazzcamp from 2005-2011. Gudbjørg Navjord is director of Beiarn Voluntary Centre and has also been leader and team manager for the Jazzcamp and has the voluntary responsibility in the VAE project. Tatiana Solska is an assisting director in the VAE project and Voluntary responsibility at UBC. She worked at the Jazzcamp and has been to all the festivals in Norway and Arkhangelsk that take part in the exchange program as host for the Russian and Norwegian musicians and as team manager for ARVO members. Sound and stage managers for VAE is Øyvind Alstad and Frode Eide.

YES Catch the moment

Director of UBC and project leader in VAE Rune Paulsene say YES! to "Catch the moment" and hope you join UBC as course participant, volunteer and audience. At IntraAct productions homepage www.intraact.no you can find project raport for VAE and a plot for the Team model we use in our project.
Photo: Maria Trondsen

Arkhangelsk Regional Non Profit Voluntary Organization - ARNVO

UBC could never have been arranged without voluntary work. ARNVO are the VAE projects closes cooporation partner. Together with them the VAE project start building up an arrangements platform in Arkhangelsk and who we wish shall expend further to other places in the Russian part of the Barents region.

So if you want to help UBC and other festivals in Arkhangelsk you can join ARNVO as volunteer. Then you have possibility to go at concerts, take part in ARNVOs organizing and courses and seminar, and you have chance to be picket out to join the VAE's exchange program as volunteer to Norwegian festivals. Both ARNVO and VAE project use the Team modell in thei voluntary work. Check out how we do it at ARNVO's in UBC volunteer centre. We want new volunteers in all ages, with all kind of experiences and background. If you feel you can help us you have right, You Can!

017    In Salangen News Riddu Riddu 2012

As member in ARNVO you can take part in organizing courses and seminar, and you have chance to be picket out to join the VAEs exchange program as volunteer to Norwegian festivals. In pictures meeting with marked and sales director Geir Olsen in Saltenposten at the Blåfrostfestival 2012 and Interview in the Sapmi news chanel Ballangen news at Riddu Riddu 2012.
Both photos: Rune Paulsen

Contact us for ARNVO membership or work as volunteer at UBC.

Finance and partners

UrBand Camp feat Barents get project funding from the Norwegian Barents secretariat and through the VAE project, and from Barentskult for Tribute Contemporary Collective. Nord Norsk Jazzsenter and Dansearena Nord give also a contribution for arena develop or courses.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Arkhangelsk Region has also give funding to support participants from Arkhangelsk region and to technical equipment and Arkhangelsk Municipality Culture Ministry also suport the camp.

We also use funding from the VAE projects exchange program who is supported by the Foreign Ministry of Norway, culture department, The Norwegian Barents secretariat for ARNVO and the UBC courses.

UBC planning meeting with director Olga Stepanovna Sorokina at Archangelsk Cultural Centre    UBCs volunteer and Information Centre

Planning and stage & arena recognizing is a importent work for the VAE team. Here we are in a planning meeting with with director Olga Stepanovna Sorokina at Arkhngelsk Cultural Centre and find the Cafe where we will have the Volunteer and Information centre for UBC.
Bothe photos: Rune Paulsen